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The beautiful little girl is a real naughty, but she is also very smiling and adorable
Gender : Female
Category : Erotic Model
Citizenship : Czech
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 1.75m (5.74ft)
Weight : 50Kg (110lbs)
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Auburn
Body Type : Fitness
AKA: Clara, Colette, Colette A, Janet Kener, Magnolia, Maria, Marie, Marie P, Marie V, Marushka, Mayline, Miriam, Odetta, Salina
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The wonderful girl you teaser on the blue Caribbean Sea. Erotic and sensual.
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Here are some images taken by Marie's boyfriend during the filming on Bois-Jolan beach in Guadeloupe. Corail had taken my camera to take pictures of Melisa Mendini while I was filming her
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